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Arms open reaching to the skyWe will do whatever it takes to create success for both of us. You the client and us as therapists. We do this by LISTENING to your needs and expectations

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Our massage therapists are extremely skilled, talented, and gifted in successfully treating injuries.

Our therapists have been successfully treating individuals dealing with pain from motor vehicle accidents, workers comp injuries, sports injuries, post surgical, and just daily aches & pains for over 16 years.

The vast majoritiy of our clients experience some level of relief within the first 2 visits.

Types of injuries that we routinely successfully deal with are Workers' Compensation injuries, Auto injuries, Sports injuries, back and neck pain, TMJ dysfunction, arthritis, tendonitis, and daily aches & pains.

We are PASSIONATE about helping people. There is no greater feeling than empowering our clients to latch onto hope and begin to take control back in their lives.

5 good reasons why you should use New England Fitness

bullet iconHands on Care

Our massage therapists are extremely skilled, talented and gifted in successfully treating a wide range of injuries.

bullet iconTherapeutic/Corrective Exercise (Functional Training)

New England Fitness is unique! Our certified fitness trainers all have at least 5 years experience in a rehabilitation setting. We understand the nature of injury, disability and what is needed to facilitate the recovery process. We empower our clients through education, training and assist them in taking control of their own recovery.

bullet iconStatewide Coverage - We Travel

For those seeking or needing exercise rehabilitation or massage therapy at or close to home; we travel.

bullet iconMedical Supervision

We work very closely with each client's health care practitioners in designing their rehab program. We submit weekly reports to the health care team to keep everyone informed of the progress.

bullet iconMaximum Results for Minimum Cost

We seek to reduce the overall cost of treatment for our clients. We are proud of the successes we continually achieve while keeping costs to insurance providers down.

bullet iconWorkers' Compensation

For workers’ comp cases we work in an appropriate manner to ensure injured workers get treated quickly and correctly in a timely fashion. We focus on prompt treatment and rapid return to work.


Our massage therapists are extremely talented, skilled, experienced and effective in delivering the service you ask for and expect.

Injuries, Aches, & Pains

Our massage therapists and trainers are highly successful in treating injuries of all types.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Experience the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy including preparing for a colonoscopy!

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